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eMenu Integration
eMenu enables dealers to present the dealership's full array of product options in a single easy-to-read menu.

eMenu also offers full financial reporting that provides in-depth analysis, so you can easily identify the most strategic opportunities to improve profitability and product sales.
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Grapevine eF&I

This robust "front-end"

dealer management system

(DMS) provides all the tools needed to desk deals, pull credit reports, process laser and impact printed forms, manage inventory and sales, seamless third-party integrations, F&I menu selling, compliance tools, and more. All of these functions are executed in a web-based environment that utilizes state-of-the-art hosting technology and encryption methods.
Grapevine eF&I

Grapevine Credit

This powerful electronic application and processing portal provides your business with a full array of compliance tools as well as a complete front-end credit screening system to capture applicant information, pull credit reports from Credit Reporting Agencies, and push credit applications to other third-party lender approval platforms.
Grapevine Credit Software

Lender Network Solutions

Our application solutions enable your dealership to gather application information and effortlessly transmit the collected data to these popular lender network platforms. This simplifies the lender approval process by eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing data entry errors, which translates into a more positive dealership experience for your customers.
Lender Network Solutions
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