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Kelley Blue Book Integration
Data Consultants' integration between Grapevine and Kelley Blue Book eliminates the need to re-key your inventory information from Kelley Blue book. You can also import equipment data and vehicle images directly into your Grapevine desking software.


Utilizing the latest in technology and advanced engineering techniques, we offer a fast, reliable, state-of-the-art, integrated solution that can be tailored to your business needs.

Web Based Technology

Utilizing the latest in web-based systems, our services are easily deployed and accessible. If you have a high-speed internet connection and a web browser with credentials, you have access.

Hosting Service

Our web and server hosting services are provided by multiple geographically independent SAS70 Type II audited data centers to provide the ultimate in physical, system, and operational security levels available in the industry. These are Tier 4 data centers, providing the highest level of redundancy, security, and uptime availability.

Data Security

Database mirroring technology across different servers in different geographically located data centers provides real-time database redundancy for maximum data protection. Hourly incremental backups, daily tape backups, and daily off-site backups are further safeguards to ensure your data is secure and safe. There is no need to invest in backup hardware and personnel to manage your data backup process.

Software Platform

Our applications use standard industry technologies such as PHP, Javascript, AJAX, JAVA, and Adobe in order to provide an intuitive interface in a light, browser-based solution with SQL-based database access for quick and reliable data access. We use the industry-standard Linux operating system to keep server overhead low while providing a reliable server environment.

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