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triVIN Integration
The OLRS, RegUSA, and FDI streamline the time-consuming, labor-intensive, and often complex processes of vehicle registration and lien and title management. The results are increased efficiency, substantial cost savings, more satisfied customers and happier employees.

With the triVIN suite of products and services, everyone wins.
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triVIN - Now offering exclusive integration of the ORLS®

What does this mean for you?
DealerTrack's California Online Registration System (CA-OLRS) is an electronic registration and titling program authorized to interface with Data Consultants' Grapevine DMS. Any dealer using Grapevine is ensured seamless data transfer of deal information into the CA-OLRS, making online vehicle processing even faster and more efficient than ever!


  • A full suite of transactions
    Do transfers, new reports of sale, and renewals for cars, trucks and heavyweight vehicles.
  • Real-time processing
    Process transactions on the spot through a direct interface with the D.M.V.
  • Free training and support
    Get installation, training, re-training, support, and program updates FREE!


  • Save Time
    Process transactions in under 2 minutes!
  • Enhanced efficiency
    Improve workflow by automating processes, reducing mistakes, and getting exact fees instantly.
  • Increased profitability
    Pass Dealer Track's transaction fees on to the customers and make money!

I love the system. We download deal info from our DMS, then just cycle through the pages to make any corrections that may be necessary.
~ Karen Gulyas, Lexus of Riverside

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