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Kelley Blue Book Integration
Data Consultants' integration between Grapevine and Kelley Blue Book eliminates the need to re-key your inventory information from Kelley Blue book. You can also import equipment data and vehicle images directly into your Grapevine desking software.

triVIN - Now offering exclusive integration of the ORLS®

What does this mean for you?
DealerTrack's California Online Registration System (CA-OLRS) is an electronic registration and titling program authorized to interface with Data Consultants' Grapevine DMS. Any dealer using Grapevine is ensured seamless data transfer of deal information into the CA-OLRS, making online vehicle processing even faster and more efficient than ever!


  • A full suite of transactions
    Do transfers, new reports of sale, and renewals for cars, trucks and heavyweight vehicles.
  • Real-time processing
    Process transactions on the spot through a direct interface with the D.M.V.
  • Free training and support
    Get installation, training, re-training, support, and program updates FREE!


  • Save Time
    Process transactions in under 2 minutes!
  • Enhanced efficiency
    Improve workflow by automating processes, reducing mistakes, and getting exact fees instantly.
  • Increased profitability
    Pass Dealer Track's transaction fees on to the customers and make money!

I love the system. We download deal info from our DMS, then just cycle through the pages to make any corrections that may be necessary.
~ Karen Gulyas, Lexus of Riverside

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