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Power Information Network Integration
Power Information Network provides comparative sales and F&I reports using actual market data on new and used vehicle sales transactions.
Participation in PIN is Free
Participating dealers receive a No-Cost Package, which includes a full suite of tools, reports, and the monthly J.D. Power and Associates Sales Report.
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Grapevine Credit - OFAC, Red Flag Compliance, Risk Management

Our tools provide a "snap shot" of activity in the credit report. The credit report summary located at the top of the report helps analyze the most significant factors in a consumer's credit file. This powerful tool contains many key calculations from the credit profile, giving you a picture of the consumer's debt, monthly obligations, and payment history. Also, users are alerted to derogatory items like public records, the number of collection accounts, the number of derogatory accounts, and more.

Integrated Compliance Tools
Data Consultants offers a comprehensive array of compliance solutions for your business to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements. Our suite of compliance solutions include: Red Flag Rule checking & detection with "out-of-wallet" questions and an identity worksheet, integrated Risk-Based disclosure notices, OFAC screening, credit application integration, electronic document storage, credit activity reporting, and more. All of your credit-related transactions are easily accessible and secure in the event of a credit or FTC audit.

Electronic Document Processing and Storage
Grapevine Credit document processing allows for real-time viewing and printing of all your credit-related documents utilizing the power of the popular Adobe © PDF technology. Our document storage tools keep a historical record of the documents you've prepared for a customer and retain them in a secure electronic deal jacket.

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