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RouteOne® Integration
Data Consutant's seamless integration between Grapevine and RouteOne eliminates the need to re-key information already in Grapevine. Other advantages include the ability to track credit applications and credit contracts 24/7, quicker funding, and a more streamlined buying experience for your customer.
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Grapevine eF&I

This robust and powerful web-based application provides your dealership with a complete "Front-End" set of easy-to-use modules which incorporate credit reporting, desking, F&I, inventory management, sales reporting, electronic deal jackets, menu selling, third-party integrations, as well as dot-matrix (impact) and plain paper forms processing.

Grapevine eF&I utilizes state-of-the-art technology in a browser-based computing platform, running on state-of-the-art hardware with multiple layers of security and redundancy managed by one of the world's most reliable and secure hosting services.

Easy to Use

This intuitive web-based solution provides all of the necessary tools to operate your sales and finance departments. Our software includes features such as automatic license fee calculations, automated service contract rating, electronic form transmissions, quick deal entry and simple deal "rolling", automatic zip code data explosion, automatic vehicle information entry via the VIN decoding, and many more.

Electronic Document Processing

Grapevine eF&I eForms electronic document processing allows for real-time viewing and printing of all your F&I documents utilizing the power of the popular Adobe © PDF technology. Our document storage and retrieval system keeps a historical record of the documents you've prepared for a customer. In addition, our electronic signature capabilities and electronic contracting will streamline your F&I process.

Impact Document Processing

The Grapevine eF&I Dot-Matrix Printing Solution enables your dealership to utilize the power of our web-based solution with the printing needs of your paper-based documents.

Sales Tools

Our ePencil and F&I Menu selling modules will assist your dealership in improving F&I sales penetration and closing ratios. These modules can be customized to match your dealership's sales process and product offerings. The electronic documents from every presentation are stored within the electronic deal jacket for retrieval or audit needs.

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