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Kelley Blue Book Integration
Data Consultants' integration between Grapevine and Kelley Blue Book eliminates the need to re-key your inventory information from Kelley Blue book. You can also import equipment data and vehicle images directly into your Grapevine desking software.

Grapevine F&I Client / Server Software

This robust and powerful client/server application provides your dealership with a complete "Front-End" set of easy-to-use modules which incorporate credit reporting, F&I, inventory management, sales management and reporting, third-party integrations, and forms processing.

Easy to Use

Desking deals is one of the most powerful features of the Grapevine F&I Sales Management system. Speed and ease-of-use are key to saving your dealership time and money and our software is the solution for you. The system's features include: quick deal entry, payment calculation and comparison tables, quick quote calculations, retail/lease deal swapping, sales aids to help sell and close, multiple insurance calculations, one-keystroke rolls, quick deal storage and recall features, a comprehensive deal review screen, and many more.

Sales Management and Reporting

One of the key features of the Grapevine F&I client / server Sales Management system is the extensive sales management and reporting capabilities. The Sales Management and Reporting system incorporates millions of possible report combinations, report selection and sorting criteria that meets your dealership needs, a comprehensive "Totals" report, totals and averages on all reports, a sales history data export, and many more.

Lender Network Partners

Data Consultants offers data integration with various lender credit approval platforms such as: DealerTrack, Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL), Route One, and many others.

The Data Consultants client/server solution enables your dealership to gather application information and effortlessly transmit the collected data to popular lender network platforms. This simplifies the lender approval process by eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing data entry errors, which translates into a more positive dealership experience for your customers.

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